Tracking State-Level Housing Policy Reforms in 2024 

Throughout 2024, Housing Affordability Institute will be tracking housing policy reforms working through state legislatures across the United States.

States to Watch:

  • Arizona: Zoning reform was a contentious issue in Arizona’s last session as the state became one of several Mountain-West states to examine how to address the state’s housing costs.
  • Colorado: Last year, Gov. Jared Polis was one of several governors to lead from the front on housing reform. 
  • Minnesota: Zoning reform has been a part of Minnesota’s legislative discussion since 2019. After several sessions of varying progress, legislative housing leaders have indicated several policy reforms are in the works for 2024.
  • New York: Like Colorado, Gov. Kathy Hochul’s housing reform proposal failed to garner enough votes to pass in 2023 and relied on executive orders to address several barriers to housing production. Gov. Hochul has indicated that more comprehensive reforms may be on pause in 2024.
  • Utah: Utah is the next Mountain-West state to enter the housing discussion, and zoning reform is expected to be a central part of this discussion in 2024.