Introducing the Federal Legal Precedents Series

Today, Housing Affordability Institute released a new series of documents presenting landmark housing and development-related court decisions.

Housing Affordability Institute’s Legal Precedents outlines influential, precedent-setting court decisions at the state and federal levels and illustrates their impact on housing and development.

The initial cases presented include:

  • Euclid v. Ambler Realty Co: This 1926 United States Supreme Court ruling established modern-day zoning controls as a proper police power of local government. For nearly 100 years, this ruling has defined development in almost every corner of the country.
  • Nollan v. California Coastal Commission: In 1987, the United States Supreme Court ruled that any regulatory taking must have an “essential nexus” to the action triggering the taking. Nollan is routinely cited in taking claims cases and forms one-half of the Nollan-Dolan standard.
  • Dolan v. Tigard: Following Nollan, the United States Supreme Court ruled in 1995 that any taking must be roughly proportional to the impact triggering the taking. Along with Nollan, Dolan is routinely cited in takings claims under the Nollan-Dolan standard.

You can access these and other whitepapers in Housing Affordability Institute’s Policy Center.