Introducing the Minnesota Legal Precedents Series

Today, Housing Affordability Institute released a new series of documents presenting landmark housing and development-related court decisions in Minnesota.

Housing Affordability Institute’s Legal Precedents outlines influential, precedent-setting court decisions at the state and federal levels and illustrates their impact on housing and development.

The initial cases presented include:

  • Country Joe v. Eagan: Country Joe, Inc. v. City of Eagan addresses whether a Minnesota city could condition building permit approval on payment of a road unit connection charge.
  • Harstad v. Woodbury: Harstad v. Woodbury addresses Minnesota cities conditioning the approval of a project on payment of an infrastructure charge not authorized under Minnesota statute, while also conditioning approval on the waiver of statutory right to contest the fee.
  • BATC v. DLI: BATC v. DLI addresses the rational basis required for administrative rulemaking in the State of Minnesota.

These documents are available to view or download in Housing Affordability Institute’s Policy Center.