New Series Highlights Modest Densification

Housing Affordability Institute announced a new series on modest densification today with the release of a white paper explaining the different approaches and growing public support to modest densification.

The whitepaper is part of Housing Affordability Institute’s new Modest Densification series highlighting how zoning modernization through modest densification can increase housing inventory, affordability and access. 

“Modest densification is a powerful tool to increase housing affordability and access,” said Nick Erickson, executive director of Housing Affordability Institute. “As public support grows, we’re seeing city leaders and state governments embrace modest densification as part of their broader housing strategies.”


  • Modest densification strategies aim to allow the creation of missing middle housing by right.
  • Strategies include allowing more housing types by right, reduction of setbacks and parking mandates
  • Public support for modest densification is increasing, with 82% of respondents in metropolitan areas in favor of allowing at least one type of multifamily option in their neighborhood

Housing Affordability Institute’s Modest Densification series is available in our Policy Center.