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  • Right Sizing Zoning: State Guardrails for Local Control

    States are wading into the housing debate to set guardrails on local zoning powers to ensure that  housing affordability and access are no longer left off the list of priorities.

  • State Legislatures and Housing: March 2023

    As March nears the halfway point, state legislatures continue to press forward on housing. 

  • State Legislatures and Housing: February 2023

    This post is a part of Housing Affordability Institute’s ongoing State Legislatures and Housing Reform project. Throughout 2023, the Institute will monitor how state lawmakers are working to address their states’ housing challenges. Legislative leaders and governors across the nation continue to press forward on substantive housing reform initiatives. In the first seven weeks of…

  • Introducing Affordability Roadblocks Series

    Today, Housing Affordability Institute released a new series of white papers titled “Affordability Roadblocks.”