What Are Single-Stair Apartments?

Housing Affordability Institute released a new white paper today explaining point access block or single-stair multi-family dwellings. Over the past two years, this issue is increasingly being examined by policymakers at the local and state levels. 

“As the housing movement has evolved, we’re seeing a great understanding by policymakers of how fractured our housing regulatory structure has become,” said Nick Erickson, executive director of Housing Affordability Institute. “Point access block is a great example of how land use and building codes interact and highlight the need to take a more holistic view of housing policies.” 


  • America is one of the few nations in the world where point access block residential structures are largely no longer built. 
  • Land use laws and building codes serve as two distinct barriers to single-stair apartments and condos.
  • Policymakers across the country are examining reforming housing policies to allow these structures in their communities.